Check Out These Nesting Birds. Live!

Have you ever watched live streaming of a bird on its nest? Don’t you think it would be interesting to watch a Barred Owl, or a Peregrine Falcon or an Osprey bringing food back to its chicks? You can learn so much from this!

A pair of barred owls in Florida

A pair of barred owls in Florida

I was recently talking to my friend Lisa who lives in Rhode Island and works for the National Audubon Society. She was telling me about the pair of Peregrine falcons nesting on one of the skyscrapers there in Providence. During the past few rainy days, the birds ignored the rain, sitting diligently on the 5 eggs, keeping them warm. She said they should be hatching this week. You can see this here!

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology also has some live bird cams. These are amazing! And they have so many different birds that you can watch. Check out a few of them here: (WARNING: watching these can be totally addictive and you might never get anything else done!)

Barred Owls:

Ospreys: (This one is super cool because you can see the traffic going by as the osprey sits on the nest. It is a great angle!)

and my favorite, because it shows two different angles, Red-tailed hawks in Itaca NY:

Do you want to set up a camera on your property? It’s possible!

My husband and I have two cameras set up in nesting boxes on our property. One is in a blue bird box and the other, in a screech owl box. We can turn on the TV and watch “the bluebird channel,” or the “owl channel.” You can do this too! All you need is a tiny camera that you can mount inside of a nesting box for whatever bird you want. Here is a link for the camera (marked down from $160 to $89) we have and also for a bluebird box, ( I love this one because it is made by Audubon, is easy to clean, has a built in predator guard, has the specific opening for a bluebird and is well-constructed for long last use.) Here are two posts I wrote about this some time ago: Spy cam shows all and spy cam captures hatching eggs.

Happy bird watching! Let me know what you think… and if YOU too got addicted to this amazing  educational opportunity!

See you again soon.

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