Spy Camera Shows All!

We have two spy cams in our yard–one in our screech owl box (no takers this year) and one in a bluebird box. These tiny cameras are mounted at the top of the box and then a cord is run from the box to inside the house, where we can turn on the big screen tv and choose our channel–the Bluebird channel or the Screech Owl channel. It is fascinating to see what goes on behind the closed doors.

A week ago we began seeing bluebird activity at one of our bluebird boxes, thankfully the one with the camera! (We have two) The male would sit on the top of the box while the female collected nesting material. She would enter the box, deposit the grass or leaves and then shuffle down on her butt to create a depression. Meanwhile the male looked around and supervised, not helping with the nest-making process.  Five days later, the nest was done. Then for two days we saw no sign of her or her mate and we feared they had found a better place for their nest. But this morning when I turned on the Bluebird channel, there was the female, quietly sitting on the nest while the male sang sweetly from a perch on a nearby tree. Woo hoo, this is exciting!!!

I will keep you updated on the progress of our nesting pair. The female should lay one egg a day for 4 or 5 days. Hopefully sometime today we will turn on the tv and discover she has laid an egg!


If you are interested in having a nesting box in your yard with a camera, here is a link to a place that sells them online*. This is the one I own. And if you need a bluebird box* to put it in, here’s one I recommend.

If you get one, let me know how it works out! I’d love to hear about your spy cam adventures!


*Some of these are affiliate links so if you buy something using these, I get a small percentage. The cost is the same for you and I only suggest products I own, or would own.



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