4 Things We Can Learn from Carolina Wrens

wren-2248Since moving to North Carolina I have gotten to know the habits of the Carolina Wren–a small brown bird that upon first glance, may not look impressive. But having watched them closely in both places I’ve lived here in WNC, I know now that looks are deceiving.

Here are a few things I think we can all learn from this little bird:

wren-09931. Don’t let the weather influence your mood.

For a small bird, wrens have a very BIG song, and they sing it no matter what the weather is doing. Rain, wind, sunshine, the wren doesn’t let this affect his day–he sings in all weather, and does so with commitment. So be like a wren, and live your day to the fullest, even if it is raining. Or cloudy. Or hot. (Click below to hear the wren song)

wren-01022. It’s Okay Not To Be Like Everyone Else–Be Unique!

Have you ever seen a wren nest? They really are THE shining example of innovativeness and creativity. While other birds are looking to build their nests in “regular” places like trees, wrens seem to think “outside of the box.” They thoroughly explore their territory, then choose spots you would never think of a bird nesting. In my years in NC I have seen their nests in a ceiling fan, top of a propane tank, a bike bag, metal gate post, hanging basket, cowboy boot, and wren-1759planter outside of a busy restaurant.

This year, having seen a pair checking out our deck, I bought and hung up a mini decorated box, hoping the wrens would nest there. What a thrill to find their nesting material IN THE BOX one day after I hung it up! Now I will get to watch them living in this pretty box! Let this be a lesson to us to be openminded enough to explore ALL possibilities, even ones that go against the grain.There’s nothing that says you have to be just like everyone else!quote22-8929

3. Communicate Your Intent.

Wrens seem to chat to other wrens quite a lot. For instance, when the parents are returning to the nest with food, they don’t let that fact stop them from announcing their arrival. Even with a beak filled with some tasty insect morsel, they still “talk” –be it to the eggs, their mate sitting on the nest, or the growing babies. When the nesting materials are being collected, they seem to have a lot of chatter. What they are saying I have no idea, but I have watched them hopping about in the bushes, always accompanied by their melodious voices. We can all be like the wren in this way and try our best to communicate clearly–to our mate, our friends, our wren-8785coworkers, strangers or whomever we are talking with.

4. Don’t Let Your Appearance Limit Your Possibilities.

Wrens, at a little over 5 inches, are not particularly big birds, and they are not colorful or beautiful in the traditional sense, but WOW, can they sing! When the male moves from place to place in his territory and lets others knows the spot’s taken, he sings with an exuberance you would expect from a larger creature. We can all learn from this, not letting our physical self dictate our possibilities.


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  1. Kat Monahan June 3, 2015 at 3:29 pm #

    Love these amazing little creatures. Love your post! Thank you for all you do and see and hear!

    • Sharon Mammoser June 14, 2015 at 4:04 pm #

      Thank you for the compliment! You are welcome. I love sharing these wonderful things with the world.

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