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One Minute Meditation:Falling Water

Imagine you are standing beside a towering waterfall, one that rises above you more than 70 feet. As you look up your face is gently misted by falling water. You can hear nothing over the sound of the water. No one else is around, only you. You close your eyes and listen to the constant sound of liquid hitting the gray rocks and splashing into the shallow pool…

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Weekly Photo Challenge #6

Did you capture any images that depicted Water Art ? Did you enjoy searching for examples of this theme? Thanks to those who sent in some pictures! It is always fun to see what people will come up with!

Here is your Wednesday slideshow featuring Water Art:

At Reinstein Woods Preserve in western NYSiesta Key, Florida by ArdenBy JockShelby Botanical Garden in Florida, by ArdenPetalsShelby Botanical Garden in Florida, by Arden Western New York StateBrush strokesPortugal by ArdenWaterCaught!Jumping SpiderNature's jewelry Red budsPearlsLiquid MirrorsPerfection in a dropBalancedSilkMorning SecretReflectionsWinterPerfection!At Biltmore EstatePinkNew leaves

Our next photo theme challenge is: SUNLIGHT

What image can you create that depicts this theme? If you have ideas or what to participate, just send me your images in an email and I will include them in next Wednesday’s slide show! Have a great week…I will see you again soon.


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1 Minute Meditation: Water Art

Okay, so maybe not everyone loves rainy days and maybe you’ve never looked in the water for art–in which case, this video’s for you!

Stop what you’re doing. Set the To-do list aside. Clear your mind of clutter. Then take time for this one minute video–a bit of peace in your day.

Imagine you’re sitting beside this body of water, watching as the patterns on the water dance back and forth. Then later, a gentle rains falls on the surface of a creek, the drops making circles on the water’s surface beneath a flowering dogwood, bursting with white flowers. Watching them is mesmerizing!

Let me know what you think of this one minute meditation.

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Quote of the Week #57: Spring Fever

Do you get “spring fever?” How do you define this?

Spring peepers are tiny!

Spring peepers are tiny!

For me it is the same feeling every year.  I am afflicted with what I can only call “pond addiction syndrome.” I’ll be riding my bike or out in the car with the windows down when I’ll hear the unmistakable chorus of spring peepers, american toads or wood frogs, letting me know, as least according to them, that spring has arrived. I will feel this magnetic urge to pull over and go check out the wetland, searching to see who’s been there. Will I find wood frog eggs? Spotted salamander eggs? Will I spot a tiny peeper, calling from his perch under a tuft of grass?

I was on my bike last weekend and was traveling fast down a curvy hill when around a sharp bend I heard the spring peepers. My husband was ahead of me, out of sight and booking down the hill– the only reason I didn’t stop, as surely when he got to the bottom and I didn’t arrive shortly he would think I’d wrecked and then have to bike back UP the hill he’d just flown down. I doubted this would go over well so I left my curiosity unsatisfied.

By the way, have you ever seen a spring peeper? As you can see from the above photo, one can sit on the end of my finger with room to spare! For such a tiny frog, they have a VERY, loud voice. Their songs up close can truly be deafening.

Spring to many people means the birds start singing and the flowers bloom, but for me, it means the amphibians are awake and the air will be filled with their predictable songs. What could be better?

So this week’s quote:

A spring peeper announces spring

A spring peeper announces spring

“If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water.”

What do you think of this quote? Do you think it’s true? How do YOU interpret this quote? I would love to hear your thoughts! Use the comment box below to share.

(By the way, If you want to hear the song of a spring peeper, click HERE or a wood frog song, click HERE or american toads, click HERE. Also, I am doing a program about Amphibians tomorrow–March 18th! Hope to see you there!)

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Everywhere you go, make your own music.
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