Hands-On Children’s Programs

dfly--2Program Notes: I can conduct these programs anywhere, inside or out, though in general, they are indoor programs. If outside is possible and the weather is favorable, outside will usually be my preference. The duration of the program is an hour or a bit over if your schedule permits. If you have a limited time slot, I will tailor the program to fit your needs. For pre-school audiences, I can offer two half-hour sessions that would count as ONE program. For small groups less than 15 please call to discuss pricing.

ALL OF MY PROGRAMS WILL INVOLVE GROUP PARTICIPATION WITH HANDS-ON, DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE ACTIVITIES. This could be games, songs, stories, and other props from my immense collection that I have been creating and adding to over the years. The BEST age for the program is in parentheses after the description but most can be altered to meet the needs of any age.

Size is limited to 30. Some topics are seasonal. Unless otherwise noted, cost for the first program is $100 and each additional program with the same title is $75.  Contact Sharon for a free consultation.

Program Topics

Best grade for program noted after description, though available for any grade with changes. If these programs are conducted outside, other hands-on exploration of the immediate surroundings will be added.


Introducing the wonderful world of insects… what makes an insect an insect? Who will volunteer to be “transformed” into one? (3-4)

spiderjump--5Spectacular Spiders

With more than 37,000 species, you can find spiders almost anywhere. Explore their unique adaptations, meet some different kinds and watch one of your classmates “transform” into one. (2-4)

Lepidoptera! Butterflies and Moths

Learn about the life cycle, look at some local species, explore differences between a moth and a butterfly, play Lepidoptera Bingo for prizes and play a game to test your sense of smell. (2-4)

Animal Adaptations

Children discover what features allow animals to survive in the places they live. How do owls hunt in complete darkness? How do bats find their way? How are snakes able to smell? Can worms see? (3-4)

MOTH9-7735In the Night

Once darkness comes, most people retire to the comfort of their houses, never giving thought to the many animals that are just waking up… coyotes, bats, raccoons, flying squirrels, owls. Learn about the animals that roam the woods as you are asleep in your warm beds! (4-5)

All About Animals Series. (All about Mammals, All about Birds… Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates and Vertebrates, etc)

Each is an introductory class highlighting some representative members. It illustrates the basic characteristics of the group, what makes a mammal a mammal or a bird a bird et. (any)

Pond/Stream Ecology

Using nets, the students will explore that pond or stream at your school. We will discuss special adaptations, play a game about the creatures and use magnifying glasses to get a close-up look. Students will be amazed at the variety of life, under the surface! Spring and early fall only. (2-6) (If there is not a pond or stream on site, I will bring live creatures–mostly macroinvertebrates. In this case, the program cost is  $175)cass-6307

Predator and Prey

Have you ever seen a coyote skull? How is it different than a deer skull? Through pictures and games, meet and learn about some local animals. (3-5)

angel-3138The Fascinating World of Bats

Do you know how many mosquitoes one bat can eat in an hour? Or whether bats are blind as the saying goes? See some bat pictures, hold a bat skeleton and play a game to test your sense of hearing. (3-5)

Animal Sounds

WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? Who makes those sounds coming from the grass? Do all frogs make the same croaking sound? Listen to some animal sounds, identify the animals that make them and find your partner using only your ears. (2-4)fox-

Winter World: How Animals Survive

One of my favorite classes! Children will get to guess what’s in the “mystery boxes”, touch animal fur, look at real skulls, play a game about bird migration, learn new words to an old song, listen to a story by candlelight…and all while they learn about their outdoor neighbors. (K-3)

Animal Senses

Animals have incredible senses…imagine if you were a moth and could smell your mate from 5 miles away! Discover where the ears are on a cricket, what body part butterflies taste with, how owls can hunt in complete darkness.  (any)

Native American Program

Especially for fourth grade classes, this program features a unique collection of materials that I have found, made and purchased from primitive technologists. Tools include a bow drill, pump drill, stone knife and stone axe. Musical instruments include a rawhide drum and deer hoof rattle. In addition, there are real bones, including a deer and coyote skull, beaver, muskrat, deer and rabbit fur, a turtle shell, deer antlers, wampum beads, gourd baskets, corn husk dolls and forest foods like nuts and berries.

The program is broken down into several focus areas, including tools and bones and the relationship to Native Peoples with nature, toys and games and a story from my storybag which I will tell by candlelight with flute music in the background. Children are invited in various ways to participate. A very hands-on program!

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