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Weekly Puzzler #146: Another Mimic

Hey all and happy weekend to you! It’s amazing that this is the last weekend of April and we’re only two days away from May.

As you likely know, last week’s puzzler was a Northern Mockingbird, a wonderful mimic of bird and frog songs. Here’s another mimic–see if you can determine the difference between the mockingbird and this one. What bird is it?

Check back next weekend to learn the answer. And as always, use the comment box below to offer your guess. All correct answers will be entered in a drawing for a free photo prize from me–given away on the first day of summer. You have to be in it to win it! Good luck. See you again soon.

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Weekly Puzzler Answer #145

Did you recognize the insistent calls in last week’s puzzler as ambird-2 Northern Mockingbird? If you’ve ever had one of these in your yard, looking for a mate, you know how persistent they can be!

They are masters at mimicking the calls of other birds, from robins, to blue jays, to towhees and everything in between. A male in his territory will repeat a bird call–say an American robin–2-6 times before switching to another bird’s call. They may go on for 10-15 different bird songs. They will also mimic frog songs, and some even mimic human-made sounds like doors opening or car alarms. They are really amazing when they get on a roll!

Watch this bird, which I captured recently at The North Carolina Arboretum, going through his repertoire of sounds:

Here’s the next puzzler, another bird song you may have heard while you were outside enjoying the sounds and sights of spring.

Have a great weekend and see you again soon!

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Weekly Puzzler #145: Name that Bird!

So last week’s puzzler was a bird song–one of our most lovely, the Carolina Wren. I thought I would do another bird, this one common throughout much of North America, especially the southeast, and west to California. If this bird hasn’t found a mate, it might get desperate–much to the dismay of homeowners everywhere– and sing in the middle of the night–not bothering to wait until sunrise.

Listen here. Then give your guess using the comment box below.

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Weekly Puzzler #144: Bubbling Song

Listen to this bird’s song.

Do you recognize it?

Check back next weekend to see if your guess was correct! And don’t forget to use the comment box below to give your guess. I give away a prize to one subscriber each quarter. All correct answers will be entered in the drawing–drawings are the first day of each season, so summer will be the next drawing. Good luck and see you again soon.

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Weekly Puzzler Answer #62

cardinal-2860If you said it’s a Northern CARDINAL song, you are correct! Isn’t it lovely? They are often the first up in the mornings and the last to sing before the day ends. Next time you hear one, you’ll know who’s making it!

Click HERE for the next puzzler.


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Weekly Puzzler #56

Okay, so the other night when I was walking back from my pond exploration I came over a rise and heard this very deafening sound.

I am thinking many of you KNOW what animal is making it, so that as my puzzler won’t be all that challenging.

Do you know the size of this animal, or what it looks like? Or their latin name and why it is so perfectly fitting?

Thus, this week’s Puzzler has a BONUS question.  First, what animal is making this sound? and Second,  What size is this animal?CLICK HERE to learn the answer.

Are you hearing this sound yet where you live??


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Guess Who I Saw at the Pond Last Night


It is 6:15 pm. I sit on the ground, hidden amid dried reeds beside a pond, looking out at the still water. The vegetation swallows me and the camouflage jacket across my legs aids in my intended disappearance. Before my arrival, a chorus of American Toads filled the evening with song. I know if I sit long enough they will forget my presence and carry on.

In the distance, the mountains of western North Carolina decorate the horizon, just as the sun decorates the cloud-filled sky. I am here for the second time in one day, hoping for a glimpse of the otter family that I suspect lives in the hole in the muddy bank. Earlier today as I explored this site and the large meadow beyond. I found several piles of fresh scat loaded with fish scales, lots of tramped-down plants, mud flats with eaten freshwater clam shells and a tunnel disappearing into the ground halfway along the oval shaped pond. These signs TELL me otters have been here! Now I just have to wait and be patient.

The toads have indeed forgotten me and though they are loud enough to drown out all other sounds, it is surprising how few I can see. Most call from beneath the overhanging vegetation, preferring the natural roof to the open sky where I sit. Interesting how when I was here this morning they were much more bold, calling from several feet out where I had plenty of chances to photograph them. Now they are invisible.

Though I would love to see some larger animal, like an otter or fox, I am content to watch the changing light, be serenaded by the toads and do nothing. In our hurry-up lives, many of us never make time for this. I have always enjoyed this rare pleasure, fully aware of its power to rejuvenate me.

The sun has been swallowed by the mountains and a breeze now blows across the grasses. The otter must have had other plans, not wanting to make an appearance here this evening. It’s okay, I will return another day, many more days in fact. One day I might get lucky. And if I don’t, well that’s okay too, as there are plenty of other reasons to keep returning.

Here are a few “gems” from my day:


Sunrise over the meadow Spiders are AMAZING artists!A Meadow of Little Blue Stem Raindrops decorate the grassA toad hopes for a mateMating ToadsThis toad fills the air with songFlowers in the field Waterdrops on everything A hunting bluebirdA perfect design!Jewels on silkHanging on a thread Art in Nature More art Silken wonders Drops of water Perfection Spider art MoreMore spider art

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