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Quote of the Week #78

As you likely know if you’ve been a subscriber for very long, I try to do a weekly quote and usually this is something inspiring. When I first began this category I simply put a nice quote on a nice picture and that was that. But at some point it occurred to me that doing it that way, without any story or text with it was not very imaginative. And so I began using what was going on in my life as inspiration for the topic or theme of the quotes.


In this case however, I have been conflicted about whether to talk about my current state of mind because in doing so, it is bringing up a controversial subject that is apt to offend.

But I can think of nothing else.

Since Wednesday morning when I found out the election results, I have been in a state of despair and have accomplished next to nothing. Each day has been a struggle and honestly, the best part is the sweet bliss of sleep that makes me forget for a few hours. Are you feeling this way too?

There are many who say “Get over it! It’s time to move on! Stop being a sore loser!” But what they may fail to understand is that I–and others like me– are not grieving because our candidate lost, WE ARE GRIEVING  for the loss of so much of what we believe in and what we think this result says about our country.

When was the last time you saw a movie or read a book where the villain was not defeated at the end? We all want, and expect that GOOD will triumph over evil. No one wants to see the bully win at the end of a movie. No one wants to watch the mean character come out the winner.

In our world we have lots of people who are not exactly good role models–celebrities and athletes who do or say dishonorable things. But with these people we can chose not to watch them, not to support them. We can skip their movies or games.

When it comes to the President of the Untied States, we cannot make any such choice. Sure, we can NOT watch the news or read the papers, but neither will change the fact that the President sets the tone for our country and represents us to the rest of the world.

How could the first qualifications necessary to be President not be a person who RESPECTS OTHERS?

How can it not be required that this person is compassionate and caring, someone who puts others first and considers the good of everyone BEFORE  what’s good for himself?

And so I grieve…

I grieve for the triumph of greed and bad moral character over common decency and respect for other people, including those that have a handicap or have different colored skin, those that practice a different religion or come from another part of the world. I grieve over the fact that we have put a bully into the highest office in our land, a man who repeatedly attacks other people, who encourages violence, who gets ahead by insulting anyone who stands in his way. I grieve for all women and girls because we have said with this election that it is okay to belittle them, to say they are fat or ugly, to compare them to pigs, to make them feel like they aren’t good enough, that they can’t succeed because they were born girls rather than boys, that they don’t “have the right look”, and worst of all, to sexually harass them and then brag about it. By electing this person for President, we have said, “Yes, this behavior is acceptable.” This sickens me…and it baffles me as to how anyone could have chosen to overlook this shameful behavior, the same behavior that if we saw in our kids we would punish.

In addition, as someone who loves nature more than just about anything, I fear for what this means for the environment. I suspect protecting our natural resources and beloved animals will not be a priority of this administration.

And so, I grieve.

m2-20…And cannot come up with anything inspiring to say for this week. I am sorry… Here’s the best I can do, along with some pretty fall pictures, which make me forget, if only for a few minutes:

“You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel.” –Johnny Depp


“All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.”  –Robin Williams


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Quote of the Week #60

I recently attended the most amazing concert of my life, wearing blue jeans and a fleece, rather than the traditional cocktail dress and heels.

Do you know what a sandhill crane is? Did you know that 80% of the WORLD’S POPULATION of sandhill cranes migrates through Nebraska two times each year? That amounts to half a MILLION sandhill cranes!! Talk about a spectacular event!

Recently I traveled from my home in western NC to the Platte River in central Nebraska to witness this amazing spectacle. Having been on my “bucket list” for years, it far exceeded my expectations. I am constantly being amazed by the free concerts that Mother Nature puts on regularly–be it the frog chorus in the spring, the birds singing every morning, prairie chickens on their “dance floor,”or half a million sandhill cranes. Have you been to a good one lately?

Check out this video of the cranes coming in to roost in the shallow Platte River–towards the end they fall from the sky like leaves, singing all the while. Make sure your volume is up! Talk about a show! Wow, this is a sight to see!

These sounds, these birds, this place… made my soul dance. Here then, is the perfect quote for this week:


I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.

What makes your soul dance? Have you had any of these experiences lately? (Click HERE to read another post about this)

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Quote of the Week #58

cherry--3Do you have an intimate relationship with the natural world? Do you visit a piece of land regularly, noticing the changes that happen over time–the tiny stem bursting out of the ground in the spring or the last leaf falling from a limb in the fall? Do you sit in this place and just listen and look, paying attention to the details that make it unique?

cherry-8099This morning as I sat at my office window before daylight I watched with delight as the eastern sky turned gold and then pink, the wispy clouds painted with color as light filled the wooded hillside. Then later, when the breeze blew, the air was filled with delicate white petals from the cherry tree, floating by in curtains of white, like snowflakes, landing silently on the ground amid the decaying leaves. I considered running downstairs to fetch my camera and try to capture it, but then decided against it. Instead I just watched, mesmerized by the moment of beauty that was as fleeting as the golden light at sunrise. It seemed doubtful I could ever capture it accurately–for so much of its appeal comes from the feelings it evokes, the way it makes me feel in the given moment.

cherry-8143I cherish and nurture my intimacy with the natural world, especially the land surrounding our house in the woods. The changes are often subtle and almost always silent, but for me, it is rewarding to notice them.

Here’s the quote of the week–a long one but one that is very meaningful:


“To look at anything, if you wanted to know that thing, you must look at it long; To look at this green and say, ” I have seen the spring in these woods,” will not do–you must BE the thing you see. You must BE the dark snakes of stems and ferny plumes of leaves, you must enter into the small silences between the leaves, you must take your time and touch the very peace they issue from.”

–John Moffitt

cherry-If you’ve not spent any time outside recently, maybe you can schedule some soon. And one word of advice: do so with no agenda and a clear mind–it doesn’t work to bring your worries with you. Just relax in the moment and do nothing but BE.

cherry-0310Have fun, and do let me know your thoughts on intimacy with the natural world. How do YOU define intimacy with nature? What changes have you noted lately?


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Quote of the Week #57: Spring Fever

Do you get “spring fever?” How do you define this?

Spring peepers are tiny!

Spring peepers are tiny!

For me it is the same feeling every year.  I am afflicted with what I can only call “pond addiction syndrome.” I’ll be riding my bike or out in the car with the windows down when I’ll hear the unmistakable chorus of spring peepers, american toads or wood frogs, letting me know, as least according to them, that spring has arrived. I will feel this magnetic urge to pull over and go check out the wetland, searching to see who’s been there. Will I find wood frog eggs? Spotted salamander eggs? Will I spot a tiny peeper, calling from his perch under a tuft of grass?

I was on my bike last weekend and was traveling fast down a curvy hill when around a sharp bend I heard the spring peepers. My husband was ahead of me, out of sight and booking down the hill– the only reason I didn’t stop, as surely when he got to the bottom and I didn’t arrive shortly he would think I’d wrecked and then have to bike back UP the hill he’d just flown down. I doubted this would go over well so I left my curiosity unsatisfied.

By the way, have you ever seen a spring peeper? As you can see from the above photo, one can sit on the end of my finger with room to spare! For such a tiny frog, they have a VERY, loud voice. Their songs up close can truly be deafening.

Spring to many people means the birds start singing and the flowers bloom, but for me, it means the amphibians are awake and the air will be filled with their predictable songs. What could be better?

So this week’s quote:

A spring peeper announces spring

A spring peeper announces spring

“If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water.”

What do you think of this quote? Do you think it’s true? How do YOU interpret this quote? I would love to hear your thoughts! Use the comment box below to share.

(By the way, If you want to hear the song of a spring peeper, click HERE or a wood frog song, click HERE or american toads, click HERE. Also, I am doing a program about Amphibians tomorrow–March 18th! Hope to see you there!)

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Quote of the Week #53

I admit that had a wicked case of writer’s block today–I sat for a long time, wondering what to write for my weekly quote. I pondered my recent encounters with people at the gym, the grocery store, thought about the fabulous novel I am reading, reminisced about my childhood, considered the view out my window at the still and frozen landscape. And still, nothing. The lack of inspiration was disturbing so rather than dwell on it, I decided to get on with other tasks on my ever-growing “to do list.” At some point late in the day I stumbled on a video that had me looking for the tissues. Wow, is it powerful! We all can make an amazing difference in the lives of many people.

So, I will share it with you… Then check out my quote of the week below.

“Don’t think of organ donation as giving up a part of yourself to keep a total stranger alive. It’s really a total stranger giving up almost all of themselves to keep part of YOU alive. ” 

and another great one:


Are you an organ donor or the recipient of someone else’s organ? Have you checked the box on your license and told your family of your decision? What did you think of the video? As always, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Use the comment box below to send me a note.

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Quote of the Week #49

Shroeder, Woodstock and Linus before they learned to climb under the log.

Shroeder, Woodstock and Linus before they learned to climb under the log.

Do you have, or have you had a dog or a cat in your life? Did you get them when they were puppies or kittens? If so then you know how much fun they can be to watch and enjoy.

As you may know from my last quote of the week from before the holiday, my husband and I agreed to foster 3 puppies for the Asheville Humane Society. Their Mom was killed by a car and they, along with their other 6 siblings, were much too little to be adopted. In the beginning I would laugh when someone suggested we might adopt them, “Oh no!”  I would exclaim, “We are just looking after them for 4 weeks until they are old enough to be able to be adopted.” At the time I was actively trying to talk them up to everyone I met or knew. I felt good about this nice thing we were doing both for the puppies and the Humane Society and felt a responsibility to be the one to find their “forever homes.”

today'spupp-6962My husband meanwhile was falling in love with them. And if truth be told, I was too, though back then I didn’t know it.

Puppies are just so darn cute, it is hard not to. I realize now that for an animal lover like myself, it would be pretty difficult to care that intimately for something for 4 weeks without forming a bond. It is impossible NOT to smile when I see them. Their joy is contagious. They run and tumble and wag their tails a million miles a minute. They are thrilled every time they see me, even if I was only in the basement for 5 minutes. Taking them outside and watching them run and explore and play together is a kind of therapy–free joy that feeds my soul.


Schroeder and Linus, who we will be adopting on Wednesday

And so I must admit, we are foster failures. We cannot give them back.

Instead we will give two their “forever homes” and the third will be adopted by a friend of a friend–someone who I know will provide a wealth of love and attention.

And so this week’s quotes:

The most powerful antidepressant has 4 paws, fur and a wagging tail.”


Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  –Anatole France


What other quotes do you have to add? How has your dog or cat enriched your life? …as always,  I would love to hear from you about your tales (or tails) and experiences!

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Quote of the Week #47

Do you find yourself in a rut, always going through your days doing the same things? How often do you try new things, go new places or meet new people?

I’ll be the first to admit it is easy to fall into a routine and then just continue with it day in and day out. But then one day you might stop and reflect on this thinking, “Wow, this is boring!”

I was thinking of this because I met a woman at the gym today who said her workout is boring and that it is hard for her to do even 15 minutes on the track/treadmill/bike.  She voiced that she admires me for my focus and my ability to motivate myself, saying that she is always seeing me try something new and that she wishes she could do that too. I do a high intensity interval (jumping rope, sprinting, stair-climbing etc) between my sets on the machines, trying to avoid  the same thing two days in a row. I also try to add new intervals regularly.

I only do things this way because for me it is boring doing the same “routine” every day, as many people seem to do. It is important to me to be totally present for my workouts, rather than go through the motions in a fog. I take it one challenge at a time, actually enjoying when I learn about a new interval I can add. I like mixing it up because that makes it fun and if it’s fun, I will continue to do it.

This idea of course isn’t and shouldn’t be limited to workouts at the gym–it can apply to every other faucet of our lives. There is always a way to give ourselves new experiences if we consider it a priority.

That brings me to this week’s quote:


Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.  

–Frank Herbert

Speaking of new experiences, have you considered giving them to the people on your holiday list? Click HERE for some ideas.


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