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Weekly Puzzler #119: Winged Giant

I recently attended a birthday party at my friend Sara’s house and as we were leaving, spotted this GIANT insect hanging out by the light. Quite intimidating looking, they can be 5 inches long! Perhaps you have seen this creature at your house near one of your lights and wondered what it was. Have you ever seen this? Do you know what it is? As a bonus, do you know if this one is a male or female?


Click Here for the answer! And–don’t forget to use the comment box below to add your guess and possibly qualify for the quarterly drawing.

Have a great weekend! See you again soon.

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Weekly Puzzler #111: Nature’s Needles

Happy Saturday! Birds are singing, trees are newly dressed in fresh green leaves, butterflies are flitting by… it’s a great day! What will you do today to make it special?

Check out this picture…Wowsers, those look sharp!owl-7614

Know what those three things are in my hand? It’s this week’s puzzler! What are these?  If you know–or if you want to guess–please do–simple use the comment box below the puzzler! If you are correct you have a chance to be entered in the next drawing, to be held on the first day of summer. Good luck. And have a fabulous day! See you again soon.

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Weekly Puzzler #109: Who Says Churrrr, churrr?

Hello and happy Saturday! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Check out this sound:

Do you know who makes it? Who says “churrr, churr?” or sometimes, “chuck, chuck, chuck?” It’s this week’s puzzler! If you have a guess, use the comment box below… if you are correct, your name will be entered in the next drawing–on the first day of summer! Check back next weekend to learn if your guess was correct.

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Weekly Puzzler #101: Mysterious “Ball” on the Forest Floor

Hello and happy weekend! Is it snowing by you? Or has spring arrived?

Check out these two photos below of this mysterious “ball” that I saw on the forest floor. It was hollow inside. Do you know what they are? If you want to give a guess, just use the comment box below. I hope to hear from you soon! And don’t forget–if your guess is correct you will be eligible to win a prize on the first day of spring! Good luck!101-4458


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Weekly Puzzler #100

Wow, 100 seems like an amazing number of puzzlers!  (Imagine fireworks noises now)


When I first started this category I wondered if I could even continue to come up with new puzzlers, but having gotten started, I discovered there are an endless number of potential puzzlers. The natural world is FULL of mysteries waiting to be solved! Have you been with me for ALL 100 puzzlers? Do you enjoy this category? How often is your guess correct?

In honor of the milestone I am going to start a new tradition. Four times during the year I am going to award a lucky blog subscriber one of my photo products–this will change each contest. Examples include greeting cards, calendar, tote bag, journal, dvd, magnet, print, etc. For this first contest I will give away a sampler pack of a few of my favorite greeting cards. To be eligible to win all you have to do is guess the puzzler correctly! Just use the comment box below the puzzler to write your guess. At the end of the week I will select all of the CORRECT entries and put them in a box. At the end of the quarter, I will pull one name out and send that person the prize of the season. It’s that easy!

So let’s get started.

Here’s the first puzzler eligible for the contest. Puzzler #100! The prize will be given after the spring vernal equinox–March 20th.(So you have a better chance to win since that date is not far away!)

If you’ve been following along, you might know that the answer to last week’s puzzler was A BEECH BLIGHT APHID. I talked a little about aphids in this post.

Ants and aphids seem to always be together

Ants and aphids seem to always be together

ants-So here’s the question. If you are a gardener you’ve probably seen aphids at some point in your garden, likely munching on the stem of one of your prized plants. Have you ever noticed that ants often seem to be where aphids are? Why is this? Do they harm or help the aphids?

The puzzler then is: What is the relationship of ants to aphids? Check back next week to see if your guess was correct!

Have a great weekend! Oh, and since we are at 100 puzzlers, I think this would be a fabulous time for YOU to let me know what you think of this category… is it too HARD, too EASY? Not enough of ? Or too much of ? Please tell me what you think! Is there something you’ve seen on your walks in the woods that you are curious about? Send me a note to let me know–or even a photo if you have one. I will do my best to help you solve your mystery!

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Weekly Puzzler #99

So since we were talking last week about beech trees, I figured I would do one more relating to them. Look at the photo below. Have you ever seen this? Know what it is or what causes it? You will sometimes find it in the forest on beech trees and it is especially noticeable in the winter when lots of leaves are missing from the trees.

Check back next week to learn the answer.



…until then, have a great weekend and week! See you again soon.

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Weekly Puzzler #98

Have you been out in the woods lately? If you’re dressed properly, winter is a great time for hiking–sometimes you can have the trails all to yourself! Maybe you’ve noticed the beech trees, with their leaves still clinging to the branches, even though it IS the middle of winter! Why do the beech trees (and oak trees) sometimes have leaves well into winter? Why don’t they lose their leaves like all of the other deciduous trees? That’s this week’s puzzler! CLICK HERE  to learn if your guess was correct.


Why do the beech trees still have leaves on them?

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