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Quote of the Week #49

Shroeder, Woodstock and Linus before they learned to climb under the log.

Shroeder, Woodstock and Linus before they learned to climb under the log.

Do you have, or have you had a dog or a cat in your life? Did you get them when they were puppies or kittens? If so then you know how much fun they can be to watch and enjoy.

As you may know from my last quote of the week from before the holiday, my husband and I agreed to foster 3 puppies for the Asheville Humane Society. Their Mom was killed by a car and they, along with their other 6 siblings, were much too little to be adopted. In the beginning I would laugh when someone suggested we might adopt them, “Oh no!”  I would exclaim, “We are just looking after them for 4 weeks until they are old enough to be able to be adopted.” At the time I was actively trying to talk them up to everyone I met or knew. I felt good about this nice thing we were doing both for the puppies and the Humane Society and felt a responsibility to be the one to find their “forever homes.”

today'spupp-6962My husband meanwhile was falling in love with them. And if truth be told, I was too, though back then I didn’t know it.

Puppies are just so darn cute, it is hard not to. I realize now that for an animal lover like myself, it would be pretty difficult to care that intimately for something for 4 weeks without forming a bond. It is impossible NOT to smile when I see them. Their joy is contagious. They run and tumble and wag their tails a million miles a minute. They are thrilled every time they see me, even if I was only in the basement for 5 minutes. Taking them outside and watching them run and explore and play together is a kind of therapy–free joy that feeds my soul.


Schroeder and Linus, who we will be adopting on Wednesday

And so I must admit, we are foster failures. We cannot give them back.

Instead we will give two their “forever homes” and the third will be adopted by a friend of a friend–someone who I know will provide a wealth of love and attention.

And so this week’s quotes:

The most powerful antidepressant has 4 paws, fur and a wagging tail.”


Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  –Anatole France


What other quotes do you have to add? How has your dog or cat enriched your life? …as always,  I would love to hear from you about your tales (or tails) and experiences!

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Quote of the Week #19

Have you ever been stressed about what to give someone for one of the many occasions that seem to require gifts–Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday or anniversary? Did you know that studies show in the long run people are more happy with experiences rather than material possessions?(Read research about this HERE, HERE, or HERE.)

Last week when I was considering what to get my Mom for Mother’s Day I could not come up with one thing that I thought she would want or need so decided to buy a plane ticket for myself to Buffalo in order to spend the weekend with her. How lucky I am to have her in my life!

It was a good plan that has allowed us a lot of together-time we don’t normally have as I live 14 hours and several states away. Since my arrival on Friday, we haven’t done anything that would make the record books; We have gone walking at several nearby parks, shared some meals, watched an evening thunderstorm just before being drenched in a downpour, reminisced over old pictures, enjoyed some wine and cheese while waiting for the sun to set over Lake Erie… but now, even after I leave, we will both have added some wonderful memories to the bank in our heads that is forever ours. In my opinion, the more great memories and experiences we have, the richer we will be.

So that brings me to this week’s quotes:

“Love is spelled T-I-M-E.”  –Dieter Uchdortimage

“Doing things makes people happier than having things.”  –Leaf Van Boven

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If You Love BIRDS, Here is Something You Can Do This Valentine’s Weekend

A blue jay

A blue jay

So you probably are aware that this Saturday is Valentine’s Day–the day we set aside for love and friendship…. well how many of you love watching the birds? Do you put out bird feed each winter and watch with great pleasure as the birds gather to devour the easy meal? If you enjoy watching birds, then this assignment could be for you!

This is the weekend for the annual Great Backyard Bird Count, which has been going on for more than 100 years. If you are unfamiliar with this, lucky for you I’m going to tell you how it works. If you already know, well then good for you, maybe you want to think about participating.


A male cardinal adds a spot of color

Sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society, this event takes place this weekend, from today–Friday the 13th through Monday. No special equipment or wisdom is needed, just a window looking outside into your yard, whatever that might look like. You can live in the city or in the country, in a house or an apartment, it doesn’t matter. People from all over the world record the kinds and numbers of birds they see for periods of at least 15 minutes, and then enter their sightings on the website www.BirdCount.org. The information helps track changes in bird populations on a large scale and provides scientists with invaluable information that would be difficult to obtain without the willingness of so many volunteers.



Many people wonder if they should participate, thinking in dismay, “But I’m not an expert birder! What if I get one wrong?”

It’s okay if you are not an expert!

In fact, most people who participate are just regular citizens like you who enjoy watching the birds. If you can identify most of the common birds that visit your yard, you are on the right track. Here is a great site that can help you with identification.

My local paper, the Citizen Times, in an article about the Bird Count stated, “Bird watchers from 135 countries participated in the 2014 count, documenting nearly 4,300 species on more than 144,000 bird checklists.” That’s a lot of information!

So for the love of birds, consider participating this year! It’s free and won’t take much time. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and get comfortable, you never know what you might see as you sit watching out the window… not a bad way to spend a few minutes, especially when it’s cold and windy outside, and warm and cozy inside.

A red-bellied woodpecker

A red-bellied woodpecker

If you need more details on how to participate, Click HERE .

Have fun! And happy Friday the 13th!

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Quote of the Week #6

afriend2-0308In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to put together a few quotes about love and friendship. Even if you dislike the day and all of its commercial trappings, it is easy to appreciate the importance of being thankful for the relationships we DO have, as these are what enhance our lives in immeasurable ways. Whether you spend the day with a friend, a lover, or by yourself, know that love and kindness are always something you can give away, again and again, without fear of it ever running out.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away”.   -Rex Coleafriend-
 “Love is not gazing into each other’s eyes, but looking outward together in the same direction.”
“Love is friendship set to music.” –Anonafriend-0517
“In the end, only 3 things matter: How much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”  –Buddahafriend--2-2
“The only service a friend can really render is to keep up your courage by holding up to you a mirror in which you can see a noble image of yourself.”  –George Bernard Shaw
afriend-1221“Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.”  —Jean Anouilh
“The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away.”  –Wayne Dyer

afriend--2Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Be good to yourself and spend some time today doing something YOU love, whatever that might be for you– maybe going for a walk, sitting to read a good book, making a yummy meal, calling a friend…

What is your favorite friendship or love quote?

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