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Weekly Puzzler #154: Spiral Fern

Hello and happy Saturday to you all! Now that summer is officially here, what exciting things do you have planned? Hopefully some outside time is on the agenda. I saw a quote recently, that I thought was great. It read, “Forget the box. Think OUTSIDE.”

Check out our next puzzler– my all-time favorite fern. It is especially lovely after a rain when the water sits on the top of each delicate leaf. Have you seen this in a forest near you? Do you know the name of it?


Here is a video of a patch of it beside a stream. If you want to guess, use the comment box below. This is the first puzzler of our new quarter! I give away prizes four times each year–on the first day of each season. Congratulations to Arden for being our first-day-of-summer winner! Arden will get a sampler pack of my greeting card collection called Beauty is Everywhere. If YOU want to win, you must guess! All correct responses will be entered in the drawing.

Have a lovely weekend! See you again soon.

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Weekly Puzzler Answer #91

fern-7833Did you know the fern from last week’s puzzler? It is a Christmas fern, Polystichum acrostichoides! Know why it is called that? For two reasons: 1. It stays green all year, like a Christmas tree and 2. Each little fern frond looks like a tiny stocking.

The Christmas fern can be found throughout the eastern United States in a variety of locations, especially on shady hillsides and wooded stream banks. It provides great erosion control.

Have you seen this fern while you were out on a walk in the woods?

xmas fern-6533

Can you see the mini stockings along the main stem?

xmas fern-6532

Here is a closer look

xmas fern-6529

This photo was taken yesterday–it is one of the few green plants in the forest right now.

xmas fern-0483

Are YOU ready for Christmas and the holidays? I am not! And as you may know from previous posts, my husband and I are fostering 3 puppies right now which seems to take up all of my time… so I am going to take a few days off from my Blog…no puzzler for this week but I will be back again soon.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Weekly Puzzler #91

Since last week’s puzzler was about an ancient plant called a clubmoss, I thought I would continue the theme by choosing another ancient plant–a fern. Do you know what kind of fern this is–it is one of the most common fern in the southern Appalachians where I live. Check back next weekend to learn the answer.


Until then, have a FABULOUS weekend! Take a break from your shopping for holiday presents and get out and enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having. It is truly magnificent and surely will soon be replaced with more seasonable weather.


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