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He Cleans…Then He Dances! Watch this Amazing Bird.

In the past I have focused my blog posts primarily on nature in North America, wanting to highlight those plants and animals that most of my subscribers would have a chance to encounter if they spent time outside in their backyards or wild areas. But sometimes I come across videos or other resources that shed light on animals and plants that live elsewhere on our planet and absolutely amaze me. The variety and perfection of adaptations in the natural world is astounding! In honor of this fascinating diversity, I am adding a new category to my blog posts, called It’s a Wonderful World.

Some new friends on a recent trip to Costa Rica alerted me to the existence of a new series called Planet Earth II. Many of you are probably familiar with the first series of Planet Earth which came out many years ago. The first one I watched in the new series featured a bird of paradise called a Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. This bird is amazing! First he cleans his “dance floor” of leaves, stick and other debris, then he belts out a tune to call in the female and after she arrives, he proceeds to put on a magnificent display. You can see it here! First the short version–just one minute from the Lab of Ornithology, and then below that, a longer version that is 30 minutes from National Geographic. Enjoy! And as always, I’d love to know what you think! Drop me a comment in the box below to share your thoughts.

See you again soon!


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Quote of the Week #60

I recently attended the most amazing concert of my life, wearing blue jeans and a fleece, rather than the traditional cocktail dress and heels.

Do you know what a sandhill crane is? Did you know that 80% of the WORLD’S POPULATION of sandhill cranes migrates through Nebraska two times each year? That amounts to half a MILLION sandhill cranes!! Talk about a spectacular event!

Recently I traveled from my home in western NC to the Platte River in central Nebraska to witness this amazing spectacle. Having been on my “bucket list” for years, it far exceeded my expectations. I am constantly being amazed by the free concerts that Mother Nature puts on regularly–be it the frog chorus in the spring, the birds singing every morning, prairie chickens on their “dance floor,”or half a million sandhill cranes. Have you been to a good one lately?

Check out this video of the cranes coming in to roost in the shallow Platte River–towards the end they fall from the sky like leaves, singing all the while. Make sure your volume is up! Talk about a show! Wow, this is a sight to see!

These sounds, these birds, this place… made my soul dance. Here then, is the perfect quote for this week:


I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.

What makes your soul dance? Have you had any of these experiences lately? (Click HERE to read another post about this)

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Be your own leader…. And listen to the music of nature.



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