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1 Minute Meditation: Water Art

Okay, so maybe not everyone loves rainy days and maybe you’ve never looked in the water for art–in which case, this video’s for you!

Stop what you’re doing. Set the To-do list aside. Clear your mind of clutter. Then take time for this one minute video–a bit of peace in your day.

Imagine you’re sitting beside this body of water, watching as the patterns on the water dance back and forth. Then later, a gentle rains falls on the surface of a creek, the drops making circles on the water’s surface beneath a flowering dogwood, bursting with white flowers. Watching them is mesmerizing!

Let me know what you think of this one minute meditation.

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Miniature Worlds Tempt Me…

Lately I have been spending my mornings outside, exploring some wild fields near my house, hunting for tiny treasures…. Once I start looking, I discover they are everywhere! Hours melt away, like waves on some distant shore. I am caught in the moment, powered by my passion of capturing it all with my camera.

Spend some time outside today and see what gems you can find!

Female Common Whitetail dragonflyAmerican Lady butterfly A purple damselfly! Monarch on MilkweedSilver-Spotted Skimmer on PokeweedPipevine Swallowtail Perfection!American ladyFemale Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly Water art Adult spittlebug Hairstreak butterfly A crab spider on purple-headed sneezeweedPearl crescent butterflyA damselfly Tiny treasures A Monarch Tussock Moth CaterpillarA milkweed bug Beetle on MilkweedLots of aphids! Katydid in the grassA Ladybug with aphidsA lovely flower! Water drops on silkCrab spiderA robber fly Garden spider with lunchHoneybee Dragonfly A clearwing hummingbird mothNature's art Damselfly in the grassPearls of watergrasshopper Hairstreak butterflyDamselfly A Leafhopper


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