Spider Quiz Answers

spider-5436TEST your spider IQ!

  1. All spiders are poisonous. FALSE
  2. Spiders are hard to identify and to figure out the species, a microscope is required. TRUE
  3. Spiders don’t eat their prey, they “suck” the juices from it. FALSE
  4. Spiders are insects. FALSE
  5. All spiders make silken webs to catch their prey. FALSE
  6. Spider bites are uncommon. TRUE
  7. Tarantulas are not dangerous to humans. TRUE
  8. Black widow females always kill and eat their mates. FALSE
  9. Brown recluses are common throughout the United States and are easily identifiable by the violin on their abdomen. FALSE
  10. Medical professionals can easily identify spider bites by twin punctures and from the symptoms described by their patient. FALSE

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