Spider Quiz #8

Black widow females always kill and eat their mates: FALSE

I addressed this myth in one of my weekly puzzlers (click HERE to see it)Like many things we hold true about animals in nature, this “fact” seems to be present everywhere! Ask most people this question and they will say, “Yes, black widow females eat their mates!”

A female black widow with her egg sac

A female black widow with her egg sac

In the United States, there are three species of black widow, two in the east and one in the west. Only one of the three species has been observed doing this and it was in captivity where the male could not get away. The other two species have NEVER been observed doing this!

In the wild after mating, the male will usually live to see another day. (What about the praying mantis-another animal that has a bad reputation for eating her mate. Is this a myth or fact? Click HERE to find out!)

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Brown recluses are common throughout the United States and are easily identifiable by the violin on their carapace.

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