Spider Quiz #7

Tarantulas are not the deadly creatures Hollywood makes them out to be: TRUE

When scary movies want a creature for effect, they often choose the tarantula. These spiders are BIG! And it’s not difficult to see why people are afraid of them. But the reality is that people do not need to fear tarantulas. Movies choose them because they ARE big and because they are easy to handle.


Tarantulas in the western hemisphere, like the Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula (seen in the picture above)  that people keep as a pet, are in the family Theraphosidae. Tarantulas are the largest spiders in the world with some species getting as big as 10 inches from leg tip to leg tip. Despite their size though, their venom has a very low toxicity to humans.

Some people keep these as pets because they are easy to handle. The most they have to fear are the hairs on the spiders’ abdomens that may cause mild skin rashes or inflammation of the eyes or nose. But if you wash your hands after handling one, you can eliminate this problem!

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8. Black widow females almost always kill and eat their mates.

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