Spider Quiz #6

 Spider bites are uncommon: TRUE

This is surprising to many people but it is true. Spiders are not “out to get us.” They do not bite us simply because they can. If you find one on you, it is not likely to bite you unless you try to squish it.


spider--3Spiders have venom and fangs for the purpose of paralyzing prey–which in most cases is insects and other invertebrates. Spiders do not look at people as possible things to eat! We are WAY TOO BIG! Thus, for a person to get bitten by a spider, the spider must be feeling threatened– or be trying to protect its eggs.

People sometimes find a mysterious bite on their body and assume it is from a spider. But spiders rarely bite! Again, spiders are not quick to bite you unless you are an insect that it intends to EAT.

When I am with kids and see a spider, I almost always try to get it to crawl on me just to prove this point. Kids are shocked when I do this! They cannot believe I am handling a spider but am not getting bitten. That’s because spiders rarely bite humans!

Unless you turn into an insect, you have nothing to worry about!

Unless you turn into an insect, you have nothing to worry about!

When people get bitten by spiders it is because the spider felt threatened. For example, reaching into a pile of wood where a spider lives–the spider is trapped and may bite to try and protect itself. Or if you get one caught in an article of clothing, again, making the spider feel trapped. Or, if the spider is a female and is trying to protect her egg sac.


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7. Tarantulas are not the deadly creatures Hollywood makes them out to be.

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