Spider Quiz #1

All spiders are poisonous: False.

NO spiders are poisonous. Poisonous things are eaten, breathed in, or touched. For instance, some mushrooms and berries are poisonous. Again, no spiders are poisonous. However, all but 2 families are venomous–that is, their toxins work when they are injected–not ingested!

Spiders have venom for the sole purpose of killing or subduing prey, which is almost always insects. Humans are not looked at as a possible prey item to a spider! We are way, way, way too big! According to Rod Crawford, who works at the Burke Museum in Seattle Washington and has been the curator of Arachnids there for 44 years, ” Of around 50,000 spider species known, only about 25 (1/20 of 1%) have venom capable of causing illness in humans, to a greater or lesser extent.”

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2. Spiders are hard to identify and to figure out the species, a microscope is required.

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