Photography-Based Educational Programs

heron-7472These programs are for intended for adults or families with school-age children and have similar topics as the Hands-On Programs, but have a foundation of photography rather than hands-on activities.

These programs requires use of a digital projector and a space where a screen exists or can be set up. These programs are educational in nature, allowing ample time for questions and discussions.  Cost varies, email Sharon for details

Program Topics:

Little Wonders: The Spineless Majority (Insects and spiders!)

There are over one million different kinds of insects! Of those, less than 1% are considered pests. There are more than 50,000 species of spider! Both  play an essential role in our food chain and provide us with countless services, such as insect control, decomposition of organic material and pollination of our crops. Get a close look at some of these important creatures.

Focus on Spidersspiderjump--2

There are 50,000 named species of spiders though scientists estimate this may be only 10% of all that actually exist. None will likely will any popularity contests! But spiders are essential controllers of insect populations and our world as we know it could not exist without them. Discover the amazing adaptations of these plentiful creatures.

The Creatures of Halloween: Spiders and Bats

Often portrayed as harbingers of evil these two creatures are feared and disliked by the general population. But neither animal deserves its negative reputation and many of the “facts” about them are simply not true. Learn why bats and spiders are beneficial and why, like all creatures, deserve our respect.

butter3-042Tracks and Traces: Learning From What Animals Leave Behind.

Everything living from a tiny snail to a majestic moose leaves things behind as it goes about its daily activities. These clues give us great insight about our outdoor neighbors. Can be done as a general program, or with a seasonal emphasis such as what to look for in spring, winter, etc.

Your Own Backyard 

What do you know about the animals you share your yards with? Do you know what makes a reptile a reptile or an insect an insect? In an hour, we will look at representative animals from each group, identifying their unique characteristics and getting to know a few of the more commonly encountered members.

Nature’s Music Makers: Animals and the Sounds They Make

What does the fox say? Do you know that a cicada makes the loudest sound of any insect in the WORLD? Do you know what one looks like? Do you know what the frogs look like that serenade us for weeks in early spring? Or what those noises are on hot summer nights coming from the grass outside of our windows? Come listen and look at some of these animals.atoad-020

Creatures of the Night

When the last light of day gives way to darkness and people retire to the comfort of their homes, many animals wake from their slumber and go off in search of food and mates. Bats, owls, moths, coyotes, raccoons… what do you know about the creatures of the night?

dfly-Fact or Fiction 

Have you ever been told that dragonflies will sew up your lips? Or that touching toads will give you warts? Or that bats are blind? Or owls can turn their heads all the way around? Discover how much of what you know is fact and how much is fiction!

Who Lives in That Pond? (or stream?)

Have you ever wondered what creatures live in the mud at the bottom of the pond? Or perhaps you’ve seen little critters swimming through the water and wondered about them… how do they see, what adaptations do they have, what do they eat? Discover what life is like under the water!

Winter World

For many people the cold days of winter mean one thing–more time inside where it’s warm and cozy. But what of all the animals that live outside, what becomes of them as the snow blankets the frozen ground and temperatures fall to the single digits? From the comfort of a heated room, experience the beauty unique to winter and discover the amazing ways animals survive this season.

happy-Sense of Wonder

Want a chance to sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature? In our hurry-up and hectic world, we sometimes neglect to take time out to just BE–to let ourselves be awed, inspired and rejuvenated by the world outside of our doors, which on any given day at any time of day offers something of interest to the careful observer. Set to music, this program will leave audiences with a renewed sense of wonder for the amazing world we live in, and sometimes, take for granted.

Photographing Nature 

Photographing nature is a hobby of many people, though often the results don’t equal the expectations. Come look at some of the inexpensive ways you can improve your photography, beginning with how to see. Using my photography, I will show how little changes can make big differences.

Lepidoptera! The Wonderful World of Butterflies and Moths

Did you know there are more than 150,000 kinds of butterflies and moths and guess which group has more? Are there more butterflies or moths? How can you attract these lovely creatures to your garden or yard? What adaptations do they have? Have you ever watched a caterpillar make its chrysalis? Or watched a butterfly emerge? The natural world is truly miraculous! Come check out these common creatures that bring beauty to our world!

All of the following are also available and can be created custom for your needs.

Focus on Insects

Focus on Bats!

Focus on Mammals

Focus on Amphibians

Focus on Reptiles

Focus on Birds

Focus on Vertebrates (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish)

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