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1 Minute Meditation: River Time

Some of you may know that I took a backpacking trip with some friends recently to Great Smoky Mountains National Park to see a special kind of firefly called the synchronous firefly. The trail we hiked hugged a most beautiful river the entire way, making it very challenging for me to keep moving. Every few […]

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Weekly Puzzler Answer #153

Greetings friends. Were you able to identify last week’s mystery plant? A handful of people correctly identified it as Galax, or Galax urceolata, which is also called beetleweed and wandflower. Wandflower is easy to understand when you see the white flowers at the tops of long stalks, in bloom mid May-early July. This plant grows in […]

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Weekly Puzzler #154: Spiral Fern

Hello and happy Saturday to you all! Now that summer is officially here, what exciting things do you have planned? Hopefully some outside time is on the agenda. I saw a quote recently, that I thought was great. It read, “Forget the box. Think OUTSIDE.” Check out our next puzzler– my all-time favorite fern. It […]

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Photo Challenge #10

Hey, it’s the first day of summer! Happy day! How is your Wednesday going? Are you having a great day yet? I was pleasantly surprised to get a bunch of entries for the photo theme YELLOW. It is a common color in nature and it was great to see so many beautiful images featuring this […]

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1 Minute Meditation: Pond Time

During the month of May I traveled to Buffalo to visit my Mom for Mother’s Day. Each morning the two of us went walking to a nearby park to enjoy the sights and sounds together. Put yourself in our shoes… imagine it is early morning–the air is cool, no other people are in sight. The […]

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Weekly Puzzler #153: Tall White Flower Above Waxy Leaves

Happy Saturday! This week’s puzzler is a plant, commonly found in southeastern North America. Here in North Carolina it is very common, especially on trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Check out the photos below–have you seen this plant? Do you know the name of it? Use the comment box below to give your guess. […]

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Weekly Puzzler Answer #152

Hello and happy Saturday! Did you know last week’s insect? It is a Click Beetle. Click beetles get their name from the slight clicking noise they make when righting themselves. Check out this video of another kind of click beetle in Kansas, “righting itself.” Did you know that BEETLES are the largest group of animals […]

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