Artist Statement

Nature is my church. soul-

It is what nourishes my soul and makes my heart sing with joy. In the quiet hours when I am outside, time melts away and I become so immersed in my surroundings that I lose track of everything but right NOW. I revel in my solitude and intimacy with the natural world, constantly challenging myself to find beauty and capture it with my camera.

Creating compelling photographs of nature is an insatiable passion I have nurtured since I was ten years old. It is what fuels many of my outdoor adventures and inspires me to explore new places. I am endlessly driven to grow and evolve, always looking for new ways to portray ordinary subjects. I believe that beauty is everywhere and find immense satisfaction in recording it so I can inspire a sense of wonder in those who view my work. We live in an amazing world! My photography motivates people to look at nature with new eyes.

Until recently, I have had a hands-off approach to my photography, making no attempt to interfere with reality in the darkroom. However, lately I have embraced the digital technology that allows me to transform my photographs from realistic renditions of the natural world into abstract or impressionistic  creations that more resemble the kind of art you might find in a fine gallery. My love of and appreciation for nature is still at the core of my work, but suddenly, there are endless possibilities. I’m captivated by this process, thrilled with the metamorphosis of my artistic expression… moving me towards the perfect expression of my essential self.


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