Weekly Photo Challenge Theme #2

As you likely know, last week’s photo theme was SHADOWS. Did you participate? I hope so, thanks! I was so happy to see some images come in for this challenge. Thanks for taking the time to participate! If not, you will have many more chances, starting this week with a new theme. I would love if more people could join in! Here are the photos from last week’s theme, with images of mine added in.

Heart Shadow, Costa RicaShadows and LightAt Biltmore by ArdenAt Pearson's Falls by JockFern in Costa RicaBy Beth B, Asheville, NCLeaf skeletonAt Biltmore by ArdenShadows by JockTreetopsShadows by JockTree FrogAt Pearson's Falls by JockFernsBackpacking in AlaskaSelf portraitOn SnowShadow on wallOverlapIn the AdirondacksCosta RicaShadow Dancing

Do you have a favorite?

My new theme is SERENITY.


What image says Serenity to you? Webster’s defines this word as the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. How will YOU “define” this word through photography? If you want to participate, all you have to do is send one/some images of this theme to me at my email address: sharenaturemore@gmail.com   Remember that they should be taken outside and that you are trying to create an image that artistically portrays each theme. Then next Wednesday, log on, sit back and watch the slide show.

See you again soon! Happy Photo hunting!

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