Weekly Puzzler Answer #127

I bet you’ve seen the bird from last week’s puzzler before. It is an Osprey. 


These birds can be found where there is water as they are fierce hunters of fish. The fly above the lake or river, looking down, until they spot something below the surface. Then! With amazing precision, they plummet out of the sky, land in the water and then, sometimes, lift off with a fish. They will then fly to a dead tree or other perch where they will feast on their catch.osp-1474

Do you know much about these birds? Do you see them where you live? Check back next week as they will be the week’s Creature Feature.

vul-4055Oh, and just in case you guessed the other two birds in the photo–they are red-winged blackbirds–a male on the bottom and a female up above. They were chasing the osprey around, harassing him the same way you may have seen little birds do to hawks.

Here is the next puzzler! And as always, have a wonderful weekend! See you again soon.

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