Weekly Puzzler Answer #126

Did you recognize the Wood Stork in the photo of last week’s puzzler?

Wood storks are the only native stork in North America. They have a distinctive bald head, long legs, white body, white, black-tipped wings, and a long, thick bill. Their wingspan is 5 1/2 feet!

Years ago when I spent time in Florida doing photography, my husband and I saw a wood stork catch a GIANT fish. A crowd gathered to watch it try and get the fish in its mouth and for a long time it seemed sure that it would either choke to death from the sheer size of the thing, or, that the vultures that had gathered, would steal it from the poor hunter. In the end, after many tries, the stork did eat the fish. It was an amazing thing to watch!


A wood stork with nesting material


A pair of wood storks preening

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