Weekly Puzzler #130: Metallic Jewel

Recently I spent the morning in a meadow near my house, doing what I love most, which is walking around with my camera, looking for tiny spots of beauty. The sun’s rays cut through the fog hovering above the field, lighting up the silken traps of spiders everywhere. Have you seen spider webs lit by the sun? Wow, they are magnificent!

puzThe yellow and purple blossoms of the goldenrod and New York ironweed attracted butterflies and other insects of all sizes stopping for a sip of nectar or to hunt for food. As I made my way through the field I  spotted this week’s puzzler–a metallic jewel suspended amid the purple flowers.

WOW! This is so beautiful with the sunlight shining on it–I fear my pictures will not do it justice.

I have seen pictures of this, but seeing it in person, was even more spectacular than I could have imagined. What beautiful, beautiful treasures Mother Nature creates! Woo hoo, it is my lucky day!

Check it out:puz-7400

Do you know what it is? Or what it will become? Can it be even more beautiful than it is now? By the way, you cannot simply identify WHAT it is, you must tell whose it is!

Check back next weekend to learn the answer. And congratulations to Helen K, our winner of the weekly puzzler giveaway. She was sent a sampler pack of greeting cards from my Beauty is Everywhere collection. (By the way, these cards make great gifts! You can buy them locally at Kress EmporiumII,( where I am the featured artist of the month),  The Compleat Naturalist,  The North Carolina Arboretum, or, contact me and I will send them to you. Buy 5 and get one free.)puz-7404

If you want to be the next winner, be sure and use the comment box below for your chance to get your name in the next drawing–on the first day of winter. It’s a long way off so there are LOTS of opportunities to be qualified. All correct answers will automatically be entered. Good luck! And no worries if you guess wrong–better to try than not.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Here’s hoping YOU find some spots of beauty worth appreciating too. Don’t forget to look for the little wonders–they are everywhere, once you start to notice them! Who knows what treasures YOU might find!

See you again soon.puz-2

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  1. Arden September 24, 2016 at 1:47 pm #

    I am guessing it the chrysalis of a Monarch butterfly.?

    • Sharon Mammoser September 25, 2016 at 8:33 pm #

      Arden, it IS a chrysalis, but not from a monarch. I will give you credit anyway! Thanks for reading!