Weekly Puzzler Answer #125

Was the soaring bird in last week’s puzzler familiar? Have you seen this bird?

puzz-1149After spending time in Florida some years ago and then in Nebraska and Kansas last winter and getting to see MANY of these birds, they are one of my favorites, especially in flight. When they are in huge flocks, high above the earth, they seem to just float there, hardly ever flapping their giant wings. Their black and white shapes are striking against the blue sky. They are white pelicans!

White pelicans at a wetland in Kansas

White pelicans at a wetland in Kansas

White pelicans are one of North America’s largest birds, with a wingspan of 9 feet! That’s one giant bird! Studies show that parents feed developing birds about 150 pounds! of food from the time they hatch until the time they are ready to be on their own. Wow, that’s a lot of food.

Here is the next puzzler! Have a great weekend.

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