Quote of the Week #71

Most of us at some point in our lives probably say “Someday I’m going to …. ” Go to college. Be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a Mom…Buy a house… Get married…etc.

Some even say “Someday I’m going to win an Olympic gold medal.” And then hours turn into days and days into years and then one day they ARE in the Olympics and they DO win a gold medal. These people are amazing!

For most of us though, our goals are a little smaller and if you’re like me, you might say this often, but then come up against all kinds of obstacles that stop you from achieving those goals–all kinds of reasons why they aren’t going to happen. It is easy to lose track of our goals when life gets in the way. What do you want to do–Someday?

The Olympics should teach us all that whatever the goal — hard work and dedication is essential. Having a vision is a first step, but then taking small steps towards that goal is the way to make it happen.

Watching the Olympics was inspiring, just seeing all of those athletes trying to make their longtime dreams come true. Did you enjoy watching? Did you have a favorite event?

I think this week’s quote is fitting. Check it out….


What are your thoughts? What goals have you set recently that YOU made a reality?

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