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Weekly Puzzler #125: White and Black

Last week the puzzler was a swallow-tailed kite–which you may know, is a lovely black and white bird of prey. Here is another black and white bird. Can you recognize it from below? These birds were high above me, floating on invisible air currents when I took this photo. What bird is this?

As always, I look forward to your guesses! Use the comment box below to offer an answer to this week’s puzzler–if you are correct you could be the winner of the next free giveaway! (On the first day of autumn)


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Weekly Puzzler Answer #124

op-7647Last week’s puzzler may have been challenging for a number of reasons: First off, it was difficult to know the size of this bird as there was nothing to offer any sense of scale. Secondly, I didn’t say this bird was one found in North America, because I assumed people would know, but realized when an answer was given that my assumption was false.

For the record, ALL of my puzzlers feature animals or plants whose range includes some part of North America, however small.  These plants and animals MAY also be found in other parts of the world but that varies. They will ALWAYS have a range that includes some part of the US.

So the bird with the deeply forked tail is a Swallow-Tailed Kite. If you live in Florida or travel there during summer, it may be one you have seen. kite-2542

Other Commonly Used Names include: Forked-tailed chicken hawk, forked-tailed hawk, American swallow-tailed kite, forked-tailed kite, swallow-tailed hawk, and, snake hawk.

Swallow-tailed kites are awesome birds, flying with such grace and ease that they are a joy to watch. It is fun to see them sailing around a clear blue sky, hardly ever needing to flap their long, tapered wings. With their black and white color and deeply forked tail, they are easily recognizable.

Do you know much about these birds? For instance do you know where they live or how they spend their winters? Do you know what they eat? Or how long they live? Have you ever seen one?

Check back during the week as this will be this week’s Creature Feature. See you again soon!

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