Weekly Puzzler #120: Damselfly Hitchhikers

One fact that summer means for me is I spend a lot more time outside; I suspect this is true of many people. Woo hoo, isn’t it great! What’s not to love about summer?

A favorite pastime of mine is wandering around a meadow or field, especially beside a pond or stream to see what interesting animals I might encounter. I love the anticipation of this, never knowing what the day might bring, only that if I look closely enough, I will find SOMETHING worth photographing.

Look closely at the abdomen of this damselfly...

Look closely at the abdomen of this damselfly…

A common photographic subject for me is dragonflies and their smaller cousins, damselflies. You may recall I featured them in a puzzler recently and then did a follow-up on 10 Things You May Know Know about Damselflies. Well recently when I was looking a some images at home later on my big screen, I noticed some tiny, round globs on the abdomen, and sometimes the thorax, of several of the damselflies. Were these eggs from the females? Eggs from someone else? Hitchhikers of some kind? What ARE these tiny globs?

What are these small globs?

What are these small globs?

Look closely--see the tiny red globs?

Look closely–see the tiny red globs? Three on the abdomen and at least one on the thorax (where the legs are connected)

It was a fun question to research! And now that I know the answer, I thought it would be fun to feature it as a puzzler. Do YOU know what these tiny “balls” are? If you want to guess, use the comment box below! I hope to hear from you soon. If your guess is correct your name will be entered in the next drawing; Good luck!

Happy weekend!

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