On Those Hot Summer Days, Don’t Forget…

Believe it or not we are already almost halfway through the month of July! Is your summer flying by?bird-0908

Has it been really hot where you live? Do you enjoy sitting in the shade on hot summer days and watching the world go by? Don’t forget about your hummingbirds at this time of year! Immature birds are now likely visiting feeders with the adult birds–you can tell the males by the “5:00 shadow” on their throats. Click here for a puzzler that featured this.

Hang them in the shade!

Hang them in the shade!

On these hot days the nectar in your feeders ferments quickly and harmful mold can grow on them too. Did you know that by putting your feeders in the shade you can make the nectar last longer? Also, it is probably nice for the birds to rest in the shade rather than full sun.

Did you know hummingbirds have the fastest metabolism of any animal on earth? Or that they are the only birds that can fly in place and upside-down? To learn more about hummingbirds, click HERE. To learn more about how best to provide food for them, click HERE or HERE for 8 things you need to know about feeding hummers this summer. Want to see a video of some birds at my feeder? Then, click HERE! 

Happy hummingbird watching! They sure are amazing little birds!!


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