Weekly Puzzler Answer #108

Were you one of the ones who guessed that last week’s puzzler was a ring-necked pheasant? Did you recognize those beautiful feathers from the bird’s back?

ph-0478If you’ve ever seen one up close though a scope or binoculars, you know their feathers are amazing! When the light hits them just right, they can be iridescent purple, green, blue and red! So spectacular.ph-0519

I was lucky enough to see several on my recent road trip to Nebraska, including one that was close enough to get some full-frame shots of. Talk about an impressive bird! It seems to me like it is North America’s equivalent of the resplendent quetzal.

Do you know much about these birds? Have you ever seen one? Do you know where they live or what they eat? Are they native to the US? What do the females look like? All of these and more will be answered in this week’s Creature Feature. Check back soon!

Here is the next Puzzler!

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