Weekly Puzzler Answer #105

trillium-3888Did you know all of those species of Trillium? Here are the answers!

Trillium #1: Painted Trillium (T. undulatum)


Trillium #2: Large-flowered Trillium (T. grandiflorum)


Trillium #3: Toad Trillium or Toadshade (T. sessile)


Trillium #4: Yellow Trillium (T. luteum)


Trillium #5: Purple Wakerobin (T. erectum)

Trillium #5

Trillium #5

The last one, Trillium erectum is the red version of White Erect Trillium, which looks like this:

White Erect Trillium

White Erect Trillium

It is different from our other white trilliums because it has a dark center.  

A close-up of Purple Wakerobin

A close-up of Purple Wakerobin

This lovely flower blooms in May and early June and has a slightly unpleasant odor, which has given it a few unsavory common names–such as Stinking Willie or Stinking Benjamin. (Who knows how they choose those poor boy’s names!)

Another trillium that is RED is Vasey’s Trillium (T. vaseyi) But you can tell the two apart because for Vasey’s Trillium, the flower is BELOW the 3 leaves, not above it as in the Purple Wakerobin. Here is a photo of Vasey’s Trillium, but it is misleading because I have held the flower flat for the photo:


Which one is YOUR favorite? Have a great weekend! Check out the next puzzler HERE.


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