Weekly Puzzler Answer #102

Okay, so I think that last puzzler was a bit too challenging judging from the lack of guesses. I will make the next puzzler easier!

owl-1010392This sound is from a tiny owl that lives in evergreen forests in North America called a Saw Whet Owl. It says “too too too” and is sometimes described as the sound of a saw being sharpened, or a truck backing up. Though they are said to have little fear of people and will allow you to get pretty close, I have never seen one in the wild. I did see one recently though as a local group that I belong to sponsored a program about this owl and brought two “ambassadors.” So I did get to meet two of these cute owls, and of course, couldn’t resist taking a few pictures!

owl-1010382Saw whet owls live across southern Canada, the northern and western US. See a range map HERE.. Weighing in at less than 5 ounces and just a bit over 7 inches long, they are a small owl, but like other owls, pretty fierce when it comes to hunting. Not surprisingly, their main prey is mice.

owl-1010375Have you ever seen this owl?

Click here for the next puzzler….and have a wonderful weekend! Did you know tomorrow is the first official day of spring? Woo hoo, this is a fabulous time of year! Hope you spend some time outside this weekend…the peepers are calling and I must go…

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