Quote of the Week #56

When was the last time you had a good laugh? What inspires you to laugh?

Last weekend was two glorious days of sunshine and warm, spring-like temperatures so we headed out for a hike to a new waterfall.22--2 As always, Schroeder, our 4 month-old puppy, stole the attention, inspiring smiles and cheerful exchanges from many other hikers heading back from the falls. They wanted to pet him and generally expressed delight at being asked by us to help with his training. “Would you like to give him a treat?” we asked, requesting that they ask him to sit first and reinforcing not jumping up to say hello in the way that many dogs do–with a wet tongue on the face.

We had two kinds of treats with us, some turkey cubes from a giant roll and some cooked pork tenderloin that we cut into small squares that we used as his “high value” treat. We joked how if we got lost or injured, or were just hungry, we could eat Schroeder’s treats.

Just as we reached the waterfall we saw a man and woman with two young children, slowly making their way towards us, their feet and legs coated in mud.

The kids–a boy, maybe 2 and a girl, maybe 4, were a bit nervous about Schroeder but we made him sit and then asked if they wanted to give him a treat. I showed them how to put it in my hand and then hold it out for Schroeder to take, laughing when his wet tongue ran across my hand.

The girl went first, taking the treat I gave her and mimicking my actions. Her brother watched with interest. Schroeder claimed the treat. She joined me in laughing when he licked her hand. Then it was the little boy’s turn. I handed him the treat but instead of giving it to Schroeder he popped it into his mouth before we knew what was happening.

Horrified, his dad tried to pry it out of his mouth but the boy had already swallowed it. Of course he had no idea that the treat I’d given his son was “people food.” I reassured both parents and we shared a good laugh before parting ways.

Ahh, laughter! Such a wonderful gift we can share…. so then, this week’s quotes:

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people “



I hope you have a day filled with laughter!


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