Weekly Puzzler Answer #95

Did you have a guess for last week’s puzzler? How about if I gave you this hint:

I bet that made it really easy, huh? Yes, it’s true, gray or timber wolves used to be the most widely distributed land mammal in the world. Of course things have changed now. Wolves still are abundant in eastern Europe and parts of Asia but there are only remnant populations in western Europe and the Americas. In our country, seeing a wolf would be challenging. In Minnesota wolves are listed as threatened and are endangered elsewhere, except Alaska where the are more common, but with all the land to roam in, the likelihood of seeing one there is not very high.

I just finished a fascinating (and disturbing) book about a wolf that coexisted with people in the capital of Alaska for several years. It is an amazing story and if you like wolves, I highly recommend it. However I will warn you that some parts were difficult to read–especially when he talks about the history and methods of killing wolves. I simply cannot relate to the thinking of some people, especially those who kill something just because they can or who think we humans are the only creatures on the planet who matter. The book is called A Wolf Called Romeo and is written by a wonderful writer by the name of Nick Jans. If you read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts and whether or not you enjoyed it. Use the comment box below the post to respond.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be in Juneau, Alaska when Romeo was there, your next best chance of seeing a wild wolf is by visiting Yellowstone National Park, especially in the winter. Many people watch with scopes from the road along the Lamar Valley. In 1995, 41 wolves were reintroduced into the park. Do you know why they reintroduced wolves? Or whether the program was a success?

Do you know much about wolves? For instance how big their territory is or why they howl, how long they live or what their family life is like? Next week they will be the Creature Feature, so check back to learn about these amazing animals.

Meanwhile, Here is an interesting article that was recently featured in Backpacker Magazine about hugging a wolf (safely). (Thanks to Bill for sharing this with me)

Happy weekend! HERE is the next puzzler.

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