Quote of the Week #52

It is really quite fitting that this Quote of the Week #52 falls on my birthday… not because I’m 52! (far away still) but because at 52, it means I have been offering quotes for an entire year–just one out of my many I have been on this Earth. Do you like the quotes of the week? Do you have a favorite quote, one that sticks in your mind?

Are you like me, one of those people who actually like their birthday? I have always tried to make the day special as I think it is important but I know many people who just think of it as another day. I focus on making the day memorable rather than lamenting the actual number and I do my best to be in the midst of some kind of adventure.

This year I am traveling… heading south towards New Orleans with two kayaks on the roof, cameras and tripods in the trunk and a puppy in the backseat…all the essentials for an interesting adventure.

Have you had an interesting adventure lately? If not, maybe it’s time to schedule one!

Here’s this week’s quote:

Making snow angels

Making snow angels

You will never “find” time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. 


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