Quote of the Week #47

Do you find yourself in a rut, always going through your days doing the same things? How often do you try new things, go new places or meet new people?

I’ll be the first to admit it is easy to fall into a routine and then just continue with it day in and day out. But then one day you might stop and reflect on this thinking, “Wow, this is boring!”

I was thinking of this because I met a woman at the gym today who said her workout is boring and that it is hard for her to do even 15 minutes on the track/treadmill/bike.  She voiced that she admires me for my focus and my ability to motivate myself, saying that she is always seeing me try something new and that she wishes she could do that too. I do a high intensity interval (jumping rope, sprinting, stair-climbing etc) between my sets on the machines, trying to avoid  the same thing two days in a row. I also try to add new intervals regularly.

I only do things this way because for me it is boring doing the same “routine” every day, as many people seem to do. It is important to me to be totally present for my workouts, rather than go through the motions in a fog. I take it one challenge at a time, actually enjoying when I learn about a new interval I can add. I like mixing it up because that makes it fun and if it’s fun, I will continue to do it.

This idea of course isn’t and shouldn’t be limited to workouts at the gym–it can apply to every other faucet of our lives. There is always a way to give ourselves new experiences if we consider it a priority.

That brings me to this week’s quote:


Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.  

–Frank Herbert

Speaking of new experiences, have you considered giving them to the people on your holiday list? Click HERE for some ideas.


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