Quote of the Week #46

Are you like me, still in shock that it’s actually DECEMBER? This same thing happens every year to me–It is November or maybe even October and I am just beginning to think about the holidays, what gifts to buy, what things to do, etc. Then all of a sudden Thanksgiving is upon us and then Bam! It’s December and as everyone will have you know “only 23 more days til’ Christmas!” “Only 22 days til’ Christmas!” “Only 21 days til’ Christmas!”…

Worrying about what to get everyone seems foremost in many people’s minds–a fact generated by the endless barrage of commercials and ads that lead us to believe that the “perfect gift” comes in a box or can be bought in a store.

Years ago I opted not to buy anyone a gift, but instead created a DVD that I sent to friends and family in the beginning of December. It arrived in mailboxes with a note that said something to the effect that “The idea of a perfect gift is a made-up illusion that we have created. There is no such thing… Unless you consider TIME. Time might be the perfect gift, if only we had the power to give it, to get it, to retrieve it. This holiday, make TIME for the things in your life that are important–whatever those “things” are to you.” I instructed people to set aside 15 minutes when they were willing to stop multitasking, when they could dedicate time to giving themselves a sort-of gift.

I asked them to sit down in front of the TV and put in the DVD, then push play and allow themselves time to BE IN the MOMENT. Not to be worrying about perfect gifts or to-do lists. They were to simply watch the video which was a compilation of beautiful photography, inspiring quotations and relaxing music.

I don’t know whether people did as instructed. These days, with our so many gadgets it is hard to imagine people actually setting them aside for a 15 minute stretch.

I was creating greeting cards recently and came upon this quote, which I put on the back of one of my cards. It says:


I know it’s early in the month but perhaps you can keep this in mind as the days fade away and we get closer to a new year. Instead of worrying, maybe try to offer others your time and talents rather than possessions.  It’s not hard to give a stranger a compliment, perform a random act of kindness or free up some time in your schedule to spend time with those people who are important to you. Try to notice the beauty of nature and stop being overwhelmed with stress and worry over the “perfect gift.” The month will surely fly by–try to enjoy the good parts of this special season.

Have a great day! Instead of spending time worrying–Use your strength today to see how many people you might be able to make smile.

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