Weekly Puzzler #85


Happy Halloween!!!

As a child I LOVED this holiday. I always had a home-made costume (the best kind!) and went trick-or-treating with my brother or friends. Do you enjoy Halloween? What was the best costume you ever had?

I love to talk about the “creatures of Halloween”, namely spiders (Click HERE to read 10 things you may not know about spiders) and bats because they are often so misunderstood and feared. Many of the things we think we know about these creatures is not true at all, but simply myths that have been perpetuated for years. Last year I did a quiz in honor of this holiday. Click HERE if you’d like to try it!

A photo from the Zoobook magazine about BATS

A photo from the Zoobook magazine about BATS

This week’s puzzler, in honor of Halloween, is about bats. It is this simple question: Is there such a thing as Vampire Bats and if yes, where do they live?  Click HERE to see if your guess was correct.

Have fun and be safe this evening! And hey, don’t forget tonight is the night to set your clocks BACK one hour.


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