Weekly Puzzler #82

Did you know that most birds have hollow bones? This of course is an adaptation that allows them to be lighter so then can fly. Ostriches and emus–bird that don’t fly have mostly solid bones.

Did you know there are other birds that CAN fly that also have SOLID BONES? Can you guess what groups of birds have solid bones? Do you know why they have solid bones rather than hollow bones?

I’d like to do this puzzler in honor of my brother, Andy, who loved being in the wilderness, loved camping and probably loved this bird and its surroundings as much as I do. While you read this I am spending time in one of his favorite places– in the Adirondacks of northern New York State. I may even be listening to this bird at this very minute!

The bird for this week’s puzzler has SOLID BONES and makes this sound…. do you know what it is?

Have you heard this song? I think it is the most haunting and beautiful of any bird sounds. What do you think of this sound?

Check back next weekend to see if your guess for this week’s puzzler was correct!

Until then have a lovely weekend… fall is here! Enjoy every minute of it !


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