Quote of the Week #42

Do you live somewhere that has four seasons? Which is your favorite? Has fall arrived yet where you live? Have you gotten a chance to get out and enjoy the lovely colors?

I spent the last two weeks in the Adirondacks of upstate New York, a place decorated with winding rivers, tree-covered mountains and sparkling lakes. Autumn there is spectacular, the vibrant colors adding to the beauty. For days, I camped, kayaked, hiked, contemplated, photographed, explored and did nothing but sit and appreciate the scenery.

If you’ve never visited this part of the country, I highly recommend checking it out some day–and in my opinion, fall is the best season there. You will be amazed! (If you live there, wow, lucky you! Such a beautiful place.)

For this week’s quote, I thought I would share some of my pictures from the trip along with these words by Ralph Waldo Emerson: (You may have heard a shorter version of this quote, but I love it best in its entirety.)

To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same field, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again.

(When viewing the slide show, to make the pause icon in the middle of the picture disappear, move your arrow to the side and then let it play. And really, there are a lot of photos! But I included many so you can sit and be in the moment for a little while, just enjoying the scenery. How often do you do that–just sit and enjoy the moment?)

Click above if you want to enjoy this with instrumental music, which includes natural sounds including loons calling across the lake.)

Music of nature Fall at Lewey LakeHave you seen this Forest PaintingSerenity Happily TogetherA Common LoonSuspendedLewey Lake morningA foggy morning on Lewey LakeFloodwood LakeWater colorsGolden light Gorgeous hillsideExploring the lakeAdirondack scenery Twin Falls More water artLake Durant in all its gloryClouds over Lake DurantA roadside capturePerfectly splitButtermilk FallsA mallardExploring a small riverLeaves make great subjects!ReflectionsSkytop tower at Mohonk PreserveSuspended animation What colors!Morning calmSunrise at Middle PondBeauty is everywhere!Glen FallsNature's perfection Quiet riverAnticipationSentinels at Middle PondPeaceFishing at Bog RiverRocks in the riverSilent beautyDancing along the streamSplendid colorsPerfect reflectionQuiet contemplationMuskrat at Middle PondIn the skyAlong the riverSunrise at Middle PondBabbling brookSolitudeGlory of fall Campsite Thinking rock Sunset at Tupper LakeCanada geese are on the moveStillnessGlen Falls Secret cascadeFloating leafGeese are heading southAnd on to the next adventure!

May fall where you live be fabulous! Enjoy it because it will be gone before you know it. Schedule a hike or drive soon–and while you’re out there, don’t forget to notice the small details too–those can be just as beautiful!

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