Weekly Puzzler Answer #79

These big, iridescent eye spots can be found on one of our North American butterflies, called a Common Buckeye. This butterfly, with a wingspan of 39-68mm, is found throughout most of the United States. When it closes its wings, it is not nearly as striking. Have you seen this butterfly?

Buckeyes prefer open areas with low vegetation and a variety of flowers where they can get nectar. They also need bare earth where they perch to attract mates.

If you want to attract Buckeyes to your yard, try planting snapdragon, false foxglove, plantain, or toad-flax.

Here are some pictures of our Common Buckeye butterfly.

Wings covered with dew!A Buckeye resting on the groundA Buckeye sunning itself in the morningWhat beautiful eye spots!Common BuckeyeSide view of a Buckeye

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