Quote of the Week #37

As you read this, I am traveling in Puerto Rico, adding many new sights and adventures to my ever-growing memory bank. When others ask me what I collect, I like to say that I collect Moments and Beauty–moments that I capture in my head after experiencing them and beauty that I capture with my camera. Both are fun and rewarding at the time they occur as well as at later dates when they can be remembered and shared.

Do you get a chance to travel much? Would you like to travel more? Where would you like to go and why? What does travel mean to you?

Travel means different things to different people and presumably, even two people on the same trip will take from it different things. This because we can’t help but see our new experiences through the lens of our accumulated past–the good, the bad, and everything in between. A new experience may strike a chord with me in a positive way because of a fond memory whereas someone else present may take away an entirely different opinion of the same situation.

That brings me to this week’s words of wisdom:


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