Quote of the Week #34

jj-2135Have you ever had something go wrong, but later discovered that it turned out to be a GOOD THING because something wonderful happened because of it?

My husband and I spent Saturday evening on a blanket beside the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoying wine, cheese and the lovely evening. We watched the sunset in the distance, found shapes in the clouds and basically did nothing but BE.

Even after the sun was long gone, we stayed, marveling over the cloud-filled sky and drama in the moving clouds. Eventually we packed up our things and headed out, driving the winding road 50 miles to our house. And when we arrived my husband realized there was a hole in his fleece and that his glasses were missing. Of course they must have fallen out of the hole and were back beside the Parkway.

Ugh! It was nearly 11:00 pm and we did not feel like driving back right then. And in the morning when it was pouring rain, we still not not want to get in the car and drive back. In late afternoon we headed out, deciding to enjoy a nice dinner at the Pisgah Inn before continuing on to our previous night’s picnic spot.

The clouds were thick in the sky, veiling the mountains and making everything foggy. Travel was slow-going on the winding Parkway, visibility only a few feet in front of the car.

Then, to our surprise, we exited a long tunnel and found we’d left the rain behind! In the distance, we could see blue sky and wispy clouds gathering on the horizon.

We arrived at our destination and TADA! there were the glasses, laying untouched in the grass beside the road.

Since we were there and the evening was lovely, we decided to make ourselves comfortable, ready to wait for another sunset….

WOW, talk about a sunset for the record books! At times the sky looked like it was on fire, painting the wispy clouds red and orange in colors that  looked fake. Every second the wind rearranged things and we watched, rapt, enjoying the spectacular show, marveling over the fact that if we hadn’t have lost the glasses we never would have gotten to see the sunset. Or meet the lovely couple from Ukraine named Vladimir and Valentina who stopped to join us in taking pictures.

…so this week’s quote:


Here’s more from those two nights if you’d like to see them! Hope you schedule time to see a sunset for yourself soon!

Dancing cloudsA sea of cloudsLovely lightingTalk about drama!A ceiling of cloudsFire in the sky!Looking through the cloudsShapes in the skyWhat colors!Nothing ordinary about this sunset!

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  1. Joe August 25, 2015 at 9:23 pm #

    Great post! So glad the way things worked out. Also nice to meet Vladimir and Valentina.

    • Sharon Mammoser August 27, 2015 at 8:38 am #

      Thanks! I am glad too. It’s a great life.