Hidden Drama on an Ordinary Morning

As the sun cleared the horizon recently, filling the world with light, I was exploring a nearby wild space that I frequent. In this place time stops and drama is everywhere. There are no paths or gates, no fees or kiosks detailing the acreage. Instead, vegetation is allowed the rare freedom of growing how and where it will and my presence is unnoticed. Here I am given a glimpse into worlds unseen by most.

On this day, dew drops glittered in the sunshine like diamonds and the wind took the morning off. I moved along slowly, giving myself time to unfocus on the larger scene so I could focus on the miniature. Like an infinite treasure hunt I found subjects worth photographing at every turn.

To me, the “Spineless Majority*” make some of the most amazing subjects. Dragonflies and damselflies danced in the sunlight while orange and black pearl crescent butterflies settled to soak up the warmth. Cicadas sang from nearby trees as red-winged blackbirds claimed their territory.

Hours later, I had walked away happy, having witnessed and captured a handful of fascinating creatures, including the amazing encounter of a crab spider and a Japanese beetle. Guess who won that battle?

Here are some of my moments captured:


Splendor in the grassA calico pennant dragonflyA fly rests on grassLeaf artJapanese beetle becomes breakfast What beautiful colors in nature!Hummm? Sex or lunch? Oh wait, I can have BOTH!A Riley's Clearwing mothA male eastern pond hawk dragonflyA viceroy butterflyThis assassin bug feeds on a beetle More eyes looking at me! An ant tends some aphidsA grasshopper sits on a dew-covered blade of grassA Slaty skimmer dragonflyA Cloudless Sulfur butterflyA damselfly restsTiny eggsA female widow skimmer dragonflyNo shortage of butterfliesA shieldback bugEyes see you! Lovely damselfly A pearl crescent soaks up some rays A female eastern pond hawk dragonfly Lovely damselflyBeautiful eggs!

I hope you make some time sometime soon to GET OUTSIDE and look for some of your own amazing moments…. they really are everywhere once you start looking!

* The millions of small creatures that lack a backbone like insects and spiders.

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