Quote of the Week #24

When was the last time you stepped outside of your “comfort zone?” When you did something that was new or different and not the same thing you do every day, every night, every week, the things you do and have been doing your entire life?

Last night, rather than plopping down on the couch to read or watch TV, I very happily spent a chunk of time in the woods, walking in the dark, looking for a special species of firefly called Blue Ghosts. These fireflies are found in pockets in southern Appalachia where the land is undisturbed, cool, moist and shady. Unlike other species that have blinking light patterns, the males of blue ghosts stay lit for 30 -60 seconds. The result is a bunch of eerie lights that streak through the darkness, as if there are many ghost children walking with tiny lanterns.

My excursion to the woods of Dupont State Forest was prompted by a phone call from a woman I’d never met who was new to the area and wanted to see them, referred to me by a friend. She had a wonderfully refreshing attitude–embracing adventure with open arms and able to laugh at herself when a mishap happened that might have derailed our plans for the evening. At half my age, she had a night filled with “firsts,” including riding in a convertible, going on a night hike, visiting a new park, and seeing glowing lights along the steep bank beside the trail. As for me, it wasn’t my first time in the woods after dark but

It did remind me of the importance of getting out of the house to give yourself  experiences, as these are what get added to your Wonderful-Moments-Memory Bank and ultimately, ENRICH YOUR LIFE. 

It’s not aways easy but it is always worthwhile.

And so, the quote of the week :


What new thing will you do this week? Will you give YOURSELF the gift of an experience?

To read more about fireflies, Click HERE.

Special thanks to my new friend Maggie for making it happen!

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