Weekly Puzzler #63

If you’ve ever been out in the woods, especially on a trail that allows horses, you might have seen this:

Did you watch and think, “Wow, that’s a lot of butterflies! What is that, that they’re ON? Melted chocolate? If you’re thinking “Jeez, that looks a lot like poop!” you would be correct. It IS poop! Which means yes, this is another puzzler featuring animal scat (–the scientific word for poop. )(check out these others here:Puzzler #12, #34)

This week’s puzzler is why do butterflies seem to like scat? Are they partial to horse poop or will any poop do? What is it about it that attracts them? (Is it the lovely SMELL? the fabulous TASTE? the soft TEXTURE? the attractive APPEARANCE?) Click HERE to see if you were right!

Have a wonderful weekend… aren’t you glad you’re not a butterfly?

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