Quote of the Week #21

I spent the holiday weekend backpacking and camping in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, discovering after being on the trail thirty seconds that I had neglected to put on my watch that day. And I wasn’t carrying my phone as cell reception there was notoriously spotty so why waste the weight?

Are you like me–never without a watch? Of course even if you don’t wear a watch you probably have your phone with you, thus able to check the time whenever you desire. Have you ever wondered or had the opportunity to escape time for more than a few hours? What was it like? Did you like it, or did it make you feel lost?

I admit that at first I did not like the idea of not being able to check on the time. A whole weekend without my watch! Our society is so driven by TIME that it’s hard to disconnect and imagine going about our day without it.

But I have to say it actually turned out to be very freeing. I could eat when I felt hungry, walk until I felt tired, go to sleep when my body let me know it was done for the day, wake up with the birds and the sun and plan my day according to what I wanted to do rather than what a random number suggested I “should do.” If you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest it!

Which brings me to this week’s quote:

“The bad news is: Time flies. The good news is: You’re the pilot!”

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