Weekly Puzzler Answer #53

wood-0126Does this call remind you a bit of Woody the Woodpecker? I think this is the bird the call from that cartoon was modeled upon. The call is from a Pileated Woodpecker, our largest woodpecker at 15.7-19.3 inches long with a wingspan of 26-29.5 inches. Nearly crow-sized, this handsome woodpecker is quite impressive, especially when you see it up close or through binoculars. Do you know what’s special about its feet or how come it doesn’t get a headache or injury from all of that repetitive drumming on trees? Know how to tell a male from a female pileated woodpecker? For these answers and more, check back next week as this will be the next Creature Feature.

Until then, happy weekend! Here’s the next Weekly Puzzler.


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