Weekly Puzzler Answer #52

So have you been with me an entire year? Did you score a perfect 8 on the Puzzler quiz? For many of you, I suspect many of those puzzlers were new to you and that you may have found them challenging, especially given the fairly small pictures. Did you look back to review the answers? If not, check out the answers below and click where you are interested to read more about these. Happy Day!

1. This is a FAIRY SHRIMP. They live in vernal pools. Read more HERE.  








2. This frog is a GRAY TREE FROG! They are bright green when they are young. Read more HERE.

Meet Sharon (and a friend)







3. This is a HUMMINGBIRD MOTH! Many people confuse them with a bird, but these are insects. Click HERE for more.



4. These are CADDISFLY CASES. If you put one on your hand and wait, the tiny creature living inside might crawl out, dragging his case along with him.  Click HERE for more.







4. Millions of bats in the United States are dying from WHITE-NOSE SYNDROME. Since its discovery in a cave in upstate NY, more than 2.6 MILLION BATS have died. Click HERE to learn more about this, including why you should care.







5. Is is probably just what you thought it was –a pile of poop, scat! From a BLACK BEAR. Want to learn more about animal scat? Then click HERE.







6. This is an EASTERN HOGNOSE SNAKE. It’s eyes are cloudy because it is getting ready to shed its skin. Know what this snake LOVES to eat? Learn HERE.







7. Answer A is correct from below. This male WHITE-TAILED DEER has antlers, not horns. Read more about why it is not correct to call these horns HERE.



8. This crayfish has EGGS on its abdomen. Read more about this HERE.


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