Weekly Puzzler # 54

I spent last Saturday at The North Carolina Arboretum, walking around with my camera and chatting with people attending Nature Play Day. At the entrance to the Bonsai Garden, I heard a familiar sound and detoured left to visit with an “old friend.” Oh, how I love the sounds of spring! A handful of people were there, looking around and wondering who was making this sound. Most of them finally found the singing soul, but few identified him correctly, choosing one of his relatives instead.

Here’s the sound… Do you know what animal is making it? (If you were at my Animal Sounds program, this was one we talked about) Click HERE to learn the answer!

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  1. By Weekly Puzzler Answer #54 on April 4, 2015 at 9:53 am

    […] Most people who heard the singing and looked to find its cause, identified this amphibian as a frog. The sound however is made from an American Toad–Bufo americanus– a creature few people seem to associate with water. But like other amphibians, toads DO travel to find appropriate bodies of water in the spring so they can find a mate and lay eggs. These are often vernal pools or in some cases, puddles, that will soon dry up. After wood frogs and peepers, American Toads are one of the earliest amphibians to call in the season. Hearing them is such a sure-sign that SPRING IS HERE!! Woo hoo, it’s cause for celebration! Are you hearing toads yet where you live? […]

  2. By Guess Who I Saw at the Pond Last Night on April 8, 2015 at 10:07 am

    […] camouflage jacket across my legs aids in my intended disappearance. Before my arrival, a chorus of American Toads filled the evening with song. I know if I sit long enough they will forget my presence and carry […]